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It's not a Debit or Credit Card

It's Pockket Money Card

First 1,000 kids to get card with
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Smart Banking Tool

100% Child Safe

1 Minute Acivation

No Bank Account

No Documentation
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Pockett Money Card is a pre-paid card and app with unique parental controls, for young people aged 6 to 15. The card allows parents to imbibe financial education by providing real-life tangible (safe) financial (pre-paid) instrument.
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  • No ATM Withdrawal :
Our Edge
Difference between Pockett Money Card and Bank account Linked Cards
Pockett Money Card
Bank Account/Linked Card
No pre-conditions other than minimum age
(8 yrs) of child.
Parents must already have or open a new guardian account
No branch-visit required for verification
Minimum 1 branch visit mandatory
Age inappropriate transactions blocked by mastercard
No special feature for blocking
Instant loading of money possible
Standard NEFT / IMPS time delay
How much does Pockett Money Card costs?

For the First Year
Your first year with Pockett Money Card is completely free. Even the activation charges of INR 100 we collect, are redeposited to the card in 24 hours. Closing your account is free and can happen anytime.
  • Activation charge of INR 100
  • Replacement Cost of INR 100
  • Purchases abroad @ 5% extra

A complete peace of mind with NO HIDDEN CHARGES.

The Benefits
A smart digital banking tool for new age families
For Kids
  • Get a dedicated card for yourself

  • Avail exclusive offers from your favourite brands

  • Receive cash gifts from family, anywhere at anytime
  • Track and analyse spends
  • Plan and save for big-budget buys
For Parents
  • Get children money-smart

  • Help immediately in emergency

  • Receive instant notification on each transaction
  • Activate/De-activate at your wish
  • Stop worrying about cash-theft with a complete digital solution
Google App
Apple App
Download our "Shirsa Parent's App" to
- Receive realtime alerts
- Lock / Unlock card & Reset PIN
- Load money with single click
- Share and create saving goals for kid
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